The VitalVox Platform is built for Unified Communications – Voice Calling, SMS, WebChat, User Messaging, Video Conferencing.

Designed for the flexibility of On-Premise and Cloud architectures, and is focused on providing end-to-end solutions with our integrated API and customer support services.



Agent Call-Taking, Unified Communications ACD, Analytics & Reporting. VitalVox's Automatic Call Distribution systems offer an intelligent routing of incoming calls based on pre-defined criteria.


Customer Management, Advanced Scripting, and Data Collection. VitalVox's platform provides high-quality phone calls, innovative chat, and messaging systems and advanced social media integrations.


Call Routing, Dialplan Builder, Voice Conferencing and Office PBX. Take your business to the next level and manage all your business communication needs in one central application.

Unified Communications API

Voice Calling, SMS, WebChat, User Messaging, Video Conferencing.<br /> Easily integrate our Unified Communications and ACD within your existing application, or build a custom application on top of our powerful Contact Center functionality.

VitalVox is built on top of Indosoft’s  Q-Suite NG, a Unified Communications Platform.


In any architecture, VitalVox’s system is designed to be completely scalable and cost-efficient. Lightweight hardware requirements and minimal software requirements allow any company to deploy the solution easily for initial integration and scale the resources to handle additional capacity.

VitalVox can be deployed across many different architectures both On-Premise and Cloud-Based, such as:


VitalVox’s API-driven Platform and SDKs enable clients to easily build custom front-ends, such as:

Cross-Platform Web Applications

Including iOS, Android, desktop, and Progressive Web Apps — all from a single codebase

Reporting Tools & Analytics

Get the insights to make better, faster, more informed business decisions

Mobile Apps

VitalVox's cost-effective platform allows developers to deliver the best user experience across all devices.


Our primary focus is providing services in mission critical, and therefore highly regulated industries. VitalVox will work with companies across various sectors to ensure core regulations are followed, and help validate and meet certifications.

We’re a platform, not a product. As such, VitalVox offers a variety of services on top of the solution, including:

  • Professional Services (SIP, Cloud Architecture, Project Management, etc)
  • Developer Support (Training, API Documentation, SDKs)
  • Custom Development (Mobile Applications, Custom Integrations)


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